Left to right: Kristina Davis, occupational therapist assistant; Myrtice Herod; and Shelia Adams, physical therapist assistant

Myrtice Herod came to Life Care Center of Collegedale, Tennessee, for help restoring her independence.


Herod has chronic kidney disease and suffered a fall at her apartment, which left her weak and unable to live on her own. When she arrived at the facility on June 13, 2019, she could only walk 100 feet at a time and needed moderate assistance with bathing and getting dressed. Her condition had also affected her balance, cognition and language skills.


Therapists knew they could help Herod achieve her goals and return home. Physical therapists worked with her on strengthening exercises, balance and walking, while occupational therapists helped her with her activities of daily living (her self-care skills) and speech therapists helped restore her cognition and language.


"Myrtice was motivated to complete any task given to return home,” said Kristina Davis, occupational therapist assistant.


“They did miracles on me,” Herod said. “I couldn’t walk when I came and was depressed. Now I’m going home to cook cornbread and cabbage.”


Herod completed her rehab on July 23 and returned to her apartment. She is now independent with some modifications, such as using a rollator for walking.