Left to right: Cynthia Elliot; Kristina Davis, occupational therapist assistant; and Sheila Adams, physical therapist assistant

Sixty-two-year-old Cynthia Elliot didn’t expect to be in a skilled nursing and rehab facility, but after a fall and subsequent hip surgery, it was just such an experience that helped her get back on her feet.


When Elliot came to Life Care Center of Collegedale, Tennessee, for rehabilitation on Jan. 26, 2018, she needed assistance with her daily routine tasks, such as getting dressed, showering and grooming. She was also unable to walk until she healed and the physician cleared her to bear weight on her hip


Physical and occupational therapists knew they could help Elliot reach her goal of going home and living a normal life again, and they worked with her six days a week. Physical therapists trained her in strengthening exercises that she could do while lying down, sitting or standing, and she used the stationary bicycle to develop more strength, range of motion and endurance. They also trained her in balancing while standing and in how to transfer from one position to another, such as standing up, sitting down or transferring from a bed to a chair.


Occupational therapists, meanwhile, focused on helping Elliot with her activities of daily living, or self-care tasks. They trained her in strategies to make self-care easier.


"Cynthia was hardworking and determined to return to her prior level of function,” said Kristina Davis, occupational therapist assistant.


“She was always willing to work 100 percent and gave it her all,” added Sheila Adams, physical therapist assistant.


On March 6, Elliott was able to return to her home in Harrison, Tennessee. She was walking up to 200 feet, going up and down steps and independent with her transfers. She was modified independent for her self-care.


“Therapy helped me to get back on my feet,” said Elliot.