Jessica Crossman, physical therapist assistant, guides Lisa Lopopolo in some stretches.

Lisa Lopopolo, 45, had a journey of recovery ahead for her after having a double knee replacement.


Lopopolo came to Life Care Center of Collegedale, Tennessee, for rehabilitation on Feb. 28, 2018. At first, she couldn’t walk very well or get her feet off the ground, but physical and occupational therapy helped her make progress in leaps and bounds.


Therapists worked with Lopopolo six days a week to help her increase her mobility and ability to take care of herself. While occupational therapists retrained her in her self-care skills, like getting dressed and bathing, physical therapists focused on strength, balance and endurance. They used a rowing machine to help her exercise and taught her a variety of stretches to improve her range of motion. As she progressed, she practiced not only walking but going up and down steps.


“Lisa is highly motivated to achieve the highest progress possible and has been a blessing to work with,” said Jessica Crossman, physical therapist assistant.


“I had outstanding service and the most friendly staff,” said Lopopolo. “Everyone was so helpful.”


After Lopopolo was able to return home, she continued her therapy as an outpatient. Currently, she is able to walk with a cane.